CAV: Strike Operations Downloads

Free downloadable content for CAV:SO!

CAV: Strike Operations Quick-Start Rules

CAVSO Rule Book

The CAV: Strike Operations Quick-Start Rules provide an overview of the game rules, allowing you to jump right into the action. While these rules are only a selection from the total rule set, they are an easy way to help you learn the basic concepts involved when playing your first game. Centered around the Dictator CAV, each player will pilot one of the Rach Empire's most feared war machines into combat! Model cut-outs and data cards are included for play.

For the complete rules, pick up the CAV: Strike Operations Rule Book! (available now through your local game retailer and online at

Please Note: The CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print and is available here for free.

CAV: Strike Operations Counter Sheet

CAVSO Counters

Download a printable color-set of counters and markers specifically designed for use with CAV: SO to aid in game-play.

CAV: Strike Operations Mission Cards
CAVSO Scenarios

Download a set of CAV: Strike Operations Mission Cards designed to aid players pick a scenario at random. Also included are blank cards players can use to write-up their own custom missions!

CAV: Strike Operations Construction & Force Manager Program

The CAV:SO Construction Program (CP) is a free Windows based program perfect for the player looking to custom-build their own design or make modifications to an existing CAV:SO model as well as printing out offcial Data Cards for play.

The CAV:SO Force Manager Program (FM) helps you manage Force Group creation, allowing you to add Upgrades and Specializations, printing all of your Data Cards on as few as sheets as possible. THe program also features a Random Unit Generator to create a force quickly on the fly![CAVFMv1728b][2/25/2019] Download includes both programs.

CAV: Strike Operations Faction Model List

The CAV:SO Faction Model List (pdf) has the latest break-down of which models belong to each faction as well as listing their DT, Task, and TVP ratings in one handy place! Raw Excel File

CAV: Strike Operations Master Data Card List

The Master Data Card List compiles all of the Data Cards from the CAV:SO CP into one PDF file in alphabetical order (B&W cards from CAVCP). For color Data Cards click HERE.

CAV: Strike Operations "Cheat Sheets"

A two-page PDF file compiling the Tables from the CAV:SO Rule Book into one place for easy reference during game-play.
NEW! A two-page PDF file listing all of the in-game Special Abilities & Attributes in one handy guide!

CAV: Strike Operations Generic Data Cards

A B&W and color blank Data Card PDF that can be filled in manually for a custom designed CAV:SO Model.

CAV: Strike Operations Galaxy Map

A PDF file of the Known Galaxy in the CAV:SO universe!