CAV: Strike Operations Errata

Errata Version 3.4 [4/26/2020]

CAV: Strike Operations Core Rule Book Errata

CAVSO Rule Book

As much as we strive to make sure our rules are error-free, mistakes inevitability do make it in or the intent of this rule or that, might not be as transparent as we think (not to mention players finding ways to use a particular rule in a way we never imagined).

The following documents (organized by section from the Rule Book) collect any amendments or changes to the CSO rules as well as present our responses to players' frequently asked questions (FAQ). Whenever updated, the document includes a version number and publishing date for players to reference.

For any additional questions, please email us at:

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The Rules (pp.35-66) Click HERE. (3.4.2)
Tactical Briefings (pp.67-100) Click HERE. (3.4)
Construction (pp.101-118) Click HERE. (3.4.1)
Special Abilities (pp.118-128) Click HERE. (3.4.3)
Battlefield Upgrades & Specializations (pp.129-142) Click HERE. (3.4.1)

Consolidated Tables Reference Sheet Click HERE to download.(5/15/20)
Special Abilities Description Sheet Click HERE to download. (5/13/20)

Cruise Missile & Advanced Cruise Missile Data Cards Click HERE. (4/26/20)