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Training Day

The row of waiting cadets turned to look as the two Terran officers came around the corner at the end of the hallway, their steps echoing from the walls as they marched toward them. The whispered conversations earlier by the students as to who their instructors might were quickly forgotten as the two stopped in front of the group and the door marked Holo-Simulation Room 6. Read More!

Combat Assault Vehicle: The Game

CAV Strike Operations is the all-new version of the classic tabletop sci-fi mecha game for two or more players developed by Talon Games that is easy to learn and fast to play! Set in an ever expanding univerese nearly 300 years into our future, CAV Strike Operations takes its name from the 10+ meter tall war machines that dominate the battlefield (Combat Assault Vehicle).

As a player in CAV Strike Operations, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of models and factions that will allow you to showcase your own style of play and tactics. Model figures are available to represent the men and machines fighting in CAV Strike Operations that a player may choose to collect, assemble, and paint to bring their battlefield to life. Every game of CAV Strike Operations features a multitude of options to ensure every battle is as challenging as it is fun.

CAVSO Rule Book

The CAV Strike Operations rulebook is a stand alone game system that includes all of the rules needed to play and requires no additional books. Featuring an innovative Damage Track system, CAV Strike Operations allows for fast play and an easy to learn rule system that both novice and experienced players alike are sure to enjoy hours of endless play!

In addition, the CAV Strike Operations rulebook provides a complete construction system that allows a player to build their own custom designs as well as modifying existing designs to their own custom specifications!

CAV Strike Operations Miniatures

Available now! CAV Strike Operations features a wide variety of high-quality plastic miniatures for all of your 23rd century combat needs. The series (72000+), molded in gray plastic, is unpainted and may require some assembly. Most models also include an additional base or stand to aid in game play. Shop Talon Games. International customers, please visit Reaper Miniatures for the full line of CAV Strike Operations products!

CAVSO Miniatures